Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tanager Sports?

Tanager Sports specializes in presenting high-end, high school, sports entertainment.

What type of content is available?

Our content encompasses a wide variety of High School sporting entertainment. Games, Interviews, and on-site Live streaming, just to name a few.

Will streamed games be available for On-Demand viewing?

Yes! Any games that have been live-streamed should be available on the site for on-demand viewing within the next 7 days following the air-date.

How long are purchases available for?

All purchases on this site will be available for one-year following the purchase date, unless otherwise noted.

I can't find a video on the homepage. Where else can I look?

You can use the search bar at the top to search for specific games or for games associated with a bundle/tournament. You may also click on the "My Library" link to view any games that you have included in your owned bundles.

Are invdividual videos available for download?

No. Videos are not available for download, nor are there currently any plans to allow for such a feature.

Are there any previews available for individual videos?

Yes! If you have not purchased a bundle containing the video you intend to preview, you can view the first 30 seconds of the video for free.

Are there any requirements to view the videos?

Not many, but there are some important ones. Having the latest version of your web browser and the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer (for users on non-HTML5 video optimized browsers) are essential for an optimal experience.

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